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14. Oktober 2005
-rumors brought to the community by warseer's bakaneko

-Hi guys, we have all kinds of playtest rumors breaking regarding the upcoming Codex: Daemons. Lets dive right in.

Army composition:


Greater Daemons
Herald (2 for slot)


Flesh hounds (w/special character)
Fiends of Slaanesh
Beast of nurgle


Daemonettes (most powerfull choice)
Pink Horrors (w/special charcter)


Seekers of Slaanesh


Soulgrinder (modified Defiler)
Daemon Prince (very customizable choice)

There are 3 special Greater Daemons ( one for Nurgle, one For Tzeentch and one Undivided) and 4 Special Herald ( one for God)

-Here we see further rules tidbits...

Troop abilities:
-Daemonettes: fleet and rending
-Bloodletters: PW and FC
-Plaguebeares: FNP, Posioned Weapons, Slow and Purposeful
-Horrors: Shooting one

General rule: All Daemons have
-Invulnerable save
-Deep strike
-No Instant death

All codex entries (yes, even the Soulgrinder) are daemons.

The troop choice ar very cheap (not as an ork but cheap)

Bloodthirster is very strong, best stat in the book, on assault phase he can Instant Kill a space marine character in close combat.

Horror shoots a S3 ap3 bolt and have access to one bolt of tzeentch for troop choice

Daemon Prince Stat are lower then the CSM one, is cheaper, but you can buy upgrade to became as the HG choice. Can be more dangeruos in HtH then the CSM (expecialy the nurgle one) or if marked Tzeentch be a very good mobile fire base

This is the Great Unclean One, only it has T6 I2 and slow and purposeful.

DP fly and can wound anything at 2+

Demons can be placed all in deep strike, and than enter in play at 6" from an icon and assault. Every TROOPS choice and some HG/HEAVY SUPPORT and juggernout have Icon.

Bloodeletters T4 and no 3+ save

You can have Heralds of the combination of the god you like.

No undivided heralds.

Only one undivided greater demon

No nurgle or tzeentch cavalry, the first have Daemon Beast and the second Screamers (that are considered jetbike)

Icon bearers are an upgrade for units.

Charoit option changes the stats of the Herald (like +1 T, +2 W + 3A and so on...) and they loose the Independent character status

Beasts of Nurgle are like very toxic, tough but slow spawn... (FNP and poisoned attack)

-noxious touch: wound 2+ in HtH
-boon of mutation: see CSM psichic power, only is a ranged weapon
-breath of chaos: Spry weapon
-unholy might: +1 S
-soporific musk: -1att one enemy in HtH

Lord of change is very powerful:
-has a sort of force weapon, all the tzeentch gift and shooting power, he can shoot 3 times at 3 different targets.

-I don't know about your but these boatload of rumors sound pretty cool. Now if only you could mix and match these units with the CSM codex...
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spielereien sind was schoenes..

nur sollte man den text auch lesen koennen ohne vorher alles zu markieren.
du des englischen nicht mächtig, eh?

edit: sorry, hab dich falsch verstanden...
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Weiße Schrift auf hellgrünem Grund ist nicht einfach zu lesen!;)
mein hintergrund is grau...^^ sorry...ich änder das
die neue dämonen geissel:

PORNO!! Was für ein cooles Teil
sieht sehr gelungen aus. hat das modell die gleiche größe wie die orginal geissel?
obwohl ich einen reihnen dämonenkörper noch besser gefunden hätte :D
auf der gw seite sind erste bilder der dämonen zusehen.

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