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16. Februar 2007
Ich kopier mal dreist aus der Gerüchteküche von Tabletopforum.de

Original von Antaeus auf relicnews.

He's down at UCC (my uni in Ireland) for Warpcon, and here's the few things I picked up:

*April among other things will see the release of Liber Apocalyptica, a regular release which deals with different sections of existing armies, then creates Apocalypse Datasheets for them. First up is Chaos with the Emperor's Children Noise Marines.

*There is currently a BloodBowl computer game in production for PC, Xbox 360, DS and Playstation (he didn't specify which one). It's going to be a blend of real time and turn based play, with different platforms having different combinations of the two.

*There are plans in place to implement the Chaos Legions in 40k. That means codex's for Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Death Guard etc...bear in mind this is pretty long run stuff.

*There's not going to be much in the way of Lost And The Damned as Jervis feels they're covered already and more suited to Apocalypse as it is.

*A new Imperial Guard codex is being talked about.

That's all I have time for, but I'll say some more stuff later.
Originally Posted by Antaeus
Ok, day two at the convention and I just had an awesome chat with Jervis, who has to be one of the most patient guys around. Honestly, he sat for 2 hours answering numerous questions thrown at him by fans, and he's wandering around the hall with his son answering loads more, stand up guy.

The idea behind the Chaos legions is that he felt that the last book tried to cover every aspect of the Chaos forces, and did it badly. The way he saw Chaos was as this huge amalgamation of different forces serving the Dark Gods, each deserving their own army book.

The current Chaos codex is meant to represent renegade marines, not necessarily the ancient 10,000 year old servants of Chaos. He felt that while splitting up the different aspects of Chaos into their separate sections while at first painful (as shown by the displeasure at the recent codex) will, in the long run, do each component part more justice than a small 20-30 page footnote in an army book.

Epic will receive some more support, as he feels it's currently pretty under-represented. A Space Wolf codex is high on the priority list, and he revealed they're among his favourite chapters, purely because they actually care about the civilians, they're the good guys as he put it.

He wants to release a book of scenarios for 40K as he feels most of the complaints from people come from the fact that there are a limited amount of scenarios and mission types, and people can tailor their armies to excel in those limited confines, and as such win more easily. He feels a more varied aproach to missions and scenarios might help to balance the game, rather than a more kill things and have more scoring units than your opponent aproach.

Nagash will make a return to the fantasy world. He's not quite sure how it'll be done, but he feels he deserves a new model, and possibly an army based around him. Key word being possible.

By the way, when I say long term plans, Jervis made it quite clear that at the bare minimum long tern = back end of next year. The guy thinks ahead in huge amounts.

He also refused to comment on rumours of 5th edition.

He was however incredibly forthcoming on the fluff side of things, as I had about 15 minutes with him talking about one of (and his) favourite characters: Cypher.

Jervis revealed (and I can quote him on this) that Cypher is "absolutely NOT a Chaos Space Marine". The way he envisioned Cypher is as an avatar of redemption, that in some sense the fallen Dark Angels are the good guys, as they see their mistakes and learned from it, but the Dark Angels simply can't see past it, and instead decide to kill things to solve the problem. He also said that Cypher is not entirely human (or super human as the case may be) anymore due to the rend in reality that shattered Caliban, casting the fallen angels through space and time. He said there's a mystical aspect to his character. He also explained a lot of where he got the idea from, a Clint Eastwood movie called High Plains Drifter was his main inspiration.
Originally Posted by Antaeus
Right, day two of Jervis bothering is over.

Chaos legions WILL be getting a full codex. His exact words were "if we're going to do things, we're going to do them right."

Dark Eldar are HIGH on the list guys. Alien hunters isn't on the radar, since the focus is on updating current army lists rather than starting new ones. This means Dark Eldar, Guard and Space Wolf players are going to be happy

Sorry for you armoured company guys, Jervis mentioned when I asked that they'd be ridiculously hard to manage balance wise, but they're throwing around the idea of giving Guard maybe 4 Heavy Support slots. He first said 6 and then when my eyes widened in shock he laughed and shrugged, "Well maybe 4...". He feels armoured company are better off in Apocalypse, and he might do a datasheet on them for it, but as far as 40K it doesn't look good.

Jez Goodwin (hope I spelt that right) is already throwing around some concepts for Dark Eldar plastics btw.

Update on Liber Apocalyptica. Based on what he said last night and today it's going to be a White Dwarf segment. The April edition contains a datasheet for an Emperor's Children Warband, with lots of juicy sonic weapons. I mentioned how your army got raped BA, which kinda led back onto the legions.

Basically Jervis sort of apologised for the Chaos codex. He said they regret not letting Chaos guys in on what the big picture was, and he feels they probably should have pushed that angle a little more (hindsight is always 20/20 though...).

Also Void Dragon fans don't hold your breath. I asked him if we're going to learn any more about it and it was the only question I asked to which he replied he has no idea.

Unfortunately I can't ask him any more. I'd like to but I've talked to him about 5 times with at least 3 questions per conversation. Sorry guys.

Still, a nice bit of juicy info there

Kurzfassung, JJ ist unglücklich mit dem neuen Codex Chaos. Und es soll einen neuen Codex für die alten Legionen geben.

Es soll weiterhin neue Datasheets für Apo geben, als erstes kommen Emperors Children.

Neuer Codex Imperiale Armee. Codex Space Wolves und Dark Eldar ganz oben auf der Liste. Jes Goodwinn arbeitet angeblich schon an Konzepten für Minis. Ordo Xenos kommt erstmal nicht.

Epic soll mehr Support bekommen.

JJ würde gerne Bücher mit speziellen Szenarios rausbringen, damit es Variationsmöglichkeiten bei den Armeelisten gibt bzw. die Leute ihre Armee dann an diesem Szenario ausrichten.

Cypher ist kein Chaos Space Marine, so wie viele Gefallene ebenfalls nicht.
Die Jungs haben aus ihren Fehlern gelernt, aber die Dark Angels bringen halt alle um. JJ hat sich wohl vom Film "Ein Fremder ohne Namen" mit Clint Eastwood inspirieren lassen.

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