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2. Januar 2013
Spartan Games bringen nun auch 28mm Sci fi Gelände heraus:

With the Spartan Scenics ranges, we are providing a host of beautifully detailed, easy to assemble and very affordable terrain, produced from precision cut HDF and Acrylic, and supported by boxed sets of stunningly detailed high-quality resin accessories, all designed to maximise your gaming experience.

The first raft of Spartan Scenics products are a series of highly modular buildings, corridors and towers in 28 to 32mm scale, a great addition to any sci-fi, modern, near future or post-apocalyptic wargame. These kits are perfect for creating military bases, underground labs, research colonies, spaceship interiors - the list is endless!

We understand that, when it comes to gaming terrain, space is a premium. With this in mind, we created these incredibly flexible sets so they can be quickly and easily arranged in hundreds of different configurations, so every game you play can be completely unique. The concept of 'in it, on it and around it' sits at the heart of this product range.

The modules are designed so that you can fight where you want and how you want - removable roofs and opening doors make for thrilling close skirmish action while fighting on the roofs and around the buildings provides great cover and a flavourful backdrop for titanic, apocalyptic war-zones. Even more exciting, with the Towers & Walkways set, your game board extends vertically! This dramatically increases your playing space without need for huge boards, and creates dynamic, cinematic 3D battlefields, where the bullets fly in all directions.

To these buildings, extra life and flavour can easily be added with our amazingly detailed resin accessory packs. Each of these packs contains all the extras you need to turn the rooms of your Sci-Fi base into command centres, armouries, medical labs and more. This significantly increases the modular nature of the range, because these objects can easily be moved around to dramatically shift the nature of your game. Not only do these packs give great narrative background and themed objectives to your games, but they provide impromptu cover for your troops in fire-fights.

In case this isn't enough, the launch of Spartan Scenics also includes the release of a giant spaceship! Available in two different sizes this jaw-dropping model slots perfectly into any science fiction game, regardless of scale, be it as a terrain piece, an objective, or simply as a LARGE spaceship.

Starter Set (20 Teile) 80 Pfund
Towers & Platforms Set (37 Teile) 60 Pfund
Corridor Set (10 Teile) 35 Pfund
Door Set (67 Teile) 20 Pfund
Room Set (51 Teile) 50 Pfund
Armoury Accessories (14 Teile) 25 Pfund
Med Lab Accessories (13 Teile) 20 Pfund
Comms Centre Accessories (9 Teile ) 15 Pfund
Barracks Accessories (12 Teile) 15 Pfund
Warehouse Accessories (29 Teile) 25 Pfund
Aggressor Class Planetary Dropship (6mm/10mm variant) 380mm Long, 85mm High and 210mm Wide, 35 Pfund
Aggressor Class Planetary Dropship - DELUXE VERSION (6mm/10mm variant) This version of the Aggressor comes with a high quality polyurethane resin features kit that takes the already detailed hull and adds extra components, including sensor arrays, engines, weapon systems and hull panelling. 50 Pfund
Invincible Class Planetary Gunship (15mm/28mm variant) 570mm Long, 130mm High and 340mm Wide, 50 Pfund
IInvincible Class Planetary Gunship (15mm/28mm variant) This version of the Invincible comes with a high quality polyurethane resin features kit that takes the already detailed hull and adds extra components, including sensor arrays, engines, weapon systems and hull panelling. 70 Pfund

Das Invincible 28mm Gunship ist über einen halben Meter lang !!!

Das find ich Hammer:
12 Gebäude + Accessoires für 80 Pfund


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