Rf POI suppliers

1.For the multiple use of outdoor antenna systems and for in-house coverage it is necessary to combine signals from mobile communication base stations of several operators and networks
2.POI is used to combine more than three mobile communication channels with different frequencies, thus allowing several service providers to jointly use more antenna feeder cables or more antennas.
3.POI is used to combine the signals of two or more channels on to many antennas.
Mobile Communication Network Optimization and In-door distribution system.
Cluster communication, satellite communication, shortwave communication and hopping radio.
Radar, electronic navigation and electronic confrontation.
Aerospace equipment systems

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Product: 2-way Power Divider
Electrical specifications:
1Frequency range0.5-6GHz
2Isolation18 dB
3Insertion Loss- 1.0dB
4Input VSWR- 1.5-
Output VSWR 1.3
5Phase Unbalance +/-4degree
6Amplitude Unbalance +/-0.3dB
7Forward Power 30W cw
Reverse Power 2W cw
8Operating Temperature Range-45-+85˚C
Outline Drawing:
All Dimensions in mm
All Connectors: SMA - FemaleRf POI suppliers