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14. Oktober 2005
hier hab neuen Stuff für euch - grad auf Bell of Lost souls gesehen:

OK people, the dex is back from the printers and it's a real peach! Base rules written Jervis, trimmings written by Matthew Hoggard I think his name is.

The info bellow is 100% taken from a final print new SM dex.

144 pages. (twice he size of the necron dex)
Written by Jervis + Matt
Cover art of Ultramarines
Section for each of the Chapters of Legend (like Eldar Craftworlds in C:Eldar) but without any in-game rules.

General Marine Rules
Combat Squads works as codex Dark angels. 1 Heavy 1 special.
New marine rule, based on Ld, called Comabt tactics.
New Drop pod rule.
Traits dissapear.
Free frag grenades, krak grenades and bolt pistols.

Unit Rules
new techmarine rules has a new option in the form of the thunderfire
Master of the forge, has a conversion beamer.
new land raider variant, called the Redeemer with Str 6 AP3 flamer sponsons and twin linked assault cannon. Sallies like this and the colour section has one in sallies colours.
3 Dread variants. Again sallies seem to favour the new Ironclad Dread which is like a heavy assault/breaching dread. (AV13)
New Veteran rules - Tactical Vets (special ammo like death watch.), and Assault vets (can have jump packs and an assaulted array of nasty CC weapons) can deep strike and assault in the same turn.
Scout bikers will remain.
No two special weapons even for Sallies .
5 man terminator squads 1 heavy.
Commander in terminator armour on a bike or has a jump pack has no bearing on army selection. However special characters do.
Rites of battle is gone. But marine captain get Halos

Special Characters
11 specials which add chapter traits to your army, Calgar, Tigirius, Lysander, Shrike, Kronos, Sicarius, Kantor, Tu'Shan (WTF really hard guy probably the best SM charater in the game but at 200+ points...), Cassius, White Scar guy and scout character, all will have models.

Other Stuff
Drop pod kit looks similar to the forgworld kit but is hollow with seats around the edges and a control table in the middle. Storm bolter come down from the ceiling of the pod when deployed.
Drop pod kit priced about the same as rhino's (£18)
Codex release date is October
Plastic LR redeemer/crusader
Plastic Scout bikers, imaging scouts on scrambler bikes!
Retooled Plastic Land speeder + another new varient which works with scout squads call land speeder storm.
Scouts have helfire heavy bolter rouns but are WS and BS 3 and are still troops
Thunderfire a thuddgun/molemortar cross.
New metal range (I think more metal vets!..... again.... mmmm jump packs!)
New Sicarus now has hair and a beard! *shrugs* go figure!
Razor back has may weapon option, twin heavy bolter, Heavy Flamers, Assault Cannons, Multimelta, Lascannon, and Lascon and twin plasma guns.
New HQ units.

Marines are now what you may call pretty hard!


Master of the forge


Vanguard Vets (tact vets)
??? Vets (assault vets)
Venerable Dreadnought
Iornclad Dreadnought
Techmarines - Thunderfire


Tactical Marines


Drop Pod
Land Speeder Strom (Scouts only)


Assault Marines
Scout Biks
Attack Bikes


Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Redeemer"
wenn das stimmt was i da lese, dann bekommse ja endlich deine gw-landungskapseln (is an alexander gerichtet)
Na klar 😀 ein erstes Bild der Kapsel kannst du dir in der gw-fanworld ansehen. Die kommt auf jedenfall. Hier der Link zum Bild:

Ich finde den Land Raider klasse.

Marines bekommen auch eine Sonderegel die es ihnen ermöglicht sich nach einem gelungenem Moraltest aus dem Nahkampf zu lösen. Ein längeres binden ist damit nicht mehr möglich.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
Neue Infos von BoLS:

Hi guys,

We have heard these whispers on the wind regarding the upcoming Space Marine Codex and minis:

The "Big Gun" the techmarine can get is called a Thunderfire Cannon and it's aesthetically a throwback to the old Thudd gun. The model is very Adeptus Mechanicus looking. Huge tracks with a quad barreled gun. The techmarine operator is looking up with a controller in his hands. His servo harness has reversed arms with the flamer and plasma on top. The left servo arm holds a "quick reload" of four shells and a single shell is in the other.

An Ultramarine Tank commander special character is coming that appears in two versions. One for putting in your tank and one on foot. He has a bare head and a helmeted head that looks like a Mk3 helmet. Rules are unknown.

The Land Raider will now be one unified kit that makes the three variants. The sponsons have larger armor coverings for the Crusader's Hurricane bolters and the Redeemer's Inferno cannons. The Reedemer has two inferno cannons and twin-linked assault cannons. There are revised frag-assault launchers for Crusader and Redeemer; angled to be pointing forward, not the 45 degrees upwards like the current ones are. The Inferno cannons are modeled as huge, over sized heavy flamers, similar to an upscaled version of the Forgeworld siege dreadnought variant.

Power of the Machine Spirit rule allows Land Raiders to move 6" and fire all their guns.

Scout bikes are slightly smaller than the standard marine bikes but use the same tires. They have small front fenders that only cover the top and back of the tire. There is no trim on the handlebar canopy and the riders are like the plastic scouts. The scout bikes are covered in gear including a big shotgun holster mounted on the front forks.

The land speeder has been re-cut to make it easy to assemble without clamping. The sides are separate pieces and all the bits for variants are on the sprue now. It looks like you get some extra heads on the sprue as well.

Pedro Cantor has a powerfist and a stormbolter mouted like a greyknight on his other wrist. He's kinda leaping sidways firing the SB. There is a belt feed for the SB going to his backpack. He has a mk7 helmet.

There is an Ultramarine scout vet. sergeant who's bald with a beard, armed with a bolter and another Ultramarine special character captain who's an homage to the old Ultramarine captain model (with the transverse plume on his helmet and a gladius).

Dass der Techmarine mehr Richtung Adeptus Mechanicus geht gefällt mir sehr gut. Erfreulicherweise darf der Land Raider auch dank dem Maschinengeist alle Waffen abfeuern. Wobei hier abzuwarten ist, ob dann auch mit verringertem BF des Maschinengeistes. Der neue Gussrahmen für den Land Speeder klingt interessant. Etwas mehr Passgenauigkeit würde ich mir aber auch nicht nur beim Land Speeder wünschen.
datt Cover ist ja ma geil
der land raider is ja mal geil! werd i wohl für meine wolfe holen müssen 😛
Verbrennt die Ketzer 😀 Der Land Raider sieht super aus!
Der Techmarine ist mal richtig geil auch wenn die Kanone auf Ketten komisch daher kommt.
Ich bin begeistert und warte auf die Vorbestellung 😀🙄

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