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chip on glass COG
16x2 chip on glass COG ADG1602A1
Model No. ADG1602A1
►COG LCD 16x2
►Character LCD
►5 x 8 dots includes cursor
►Built-in controller ST7032i-0D-G
►1/17Duty, 1/5 Bias
►+5V power supply
►Interface: SI2 & SI4 Interface MPU
Description of 16x2 chip on glass COG ADG1602A1
ADG1602A1 is 16 characters x 2 lines COG (chip on glass) LCD display module which is built in with ST7032i-0D-G controller, its interface is SI2 & SI4 Interface MPU with metal pin connection. The 16x2 chip on glass COG can be used in many compact application, industrial device, and security, medical and hand-held device.
The features of LCD are as follows
* Display mode : DFSTN,Negative, Transmissive
* Color : Display dot :White
Background: Black
* Display Format : 16 Character X 2 Line
* IC : SITRONIX ST7032i-0D-G
* Interface Input Data : SI2 & SI4 Interface MPU
* Driving Method : 1/17Duty, 1/5 Bias
* Viewing Direction : 12 O’clock
* Backlight : N/A
Item Specification Unit
Module Size(51.0L)X(24.0W)X(2.85H)mm
Viewing Area(48.0L)X(14.99W)mm
Effective Display Area44.41(W) X 12.00(H)mm
Number of Dots16 Character X 2 Line-
3-1. Absolute Maximum Ratings (Vss=0V)
Item Symbol Standard Value Unit
Min. Typ. Max.
Supply Voltage For LogicVDD-0.3-+7.0V
Supply Voltage For LCD DriveVLCD-0.3+VSS-7.0-VSSV
Input VoltageVIN-0.3-VDD+0.3V
Operating Temp.TOP-0-+50°C
Storage Temp.TST-20-+60°C
3-2-1.Electrical Characteristics
Item Symbol Test
Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Logic Supply VoltageVDD-
LCD Drive Voltage
(Recommended Voltage)VOP=VDD–VLTa=0~50°C3.74.04.3V
Input Voltage“H” LevelV IH-0.7VDD-VDDV
“L” LevelV IL-0.3-0.8V
Output Voltage“H” LevelV OHIOH= -0.1 mA0.75VDD--V
“L” LevelV OLIOL=0.1 mA--0.8V
Current ConsumptionIDDVop=4.5V65%
NOTE: 1) Duty Ratio=1/17, Bias Ratio=1/5
2) Measuring in Dots ON-state
Pin NO. Symbol I / O Functions
1RSTIExternal reset pin. Only if the power on reset used, the XRESERT pin must be fixed to VDD. Low active.
2RSISelect registers.
3CSBIChip select in parallel mode and serial interface (Low active).
4DB6I/OFor high order bi-directional data bus pins. Used for data transfer and receive between the MPU and the ST7032.
DB7 can be used as a busy flag. In serial interface mode.
DB7 is SI (input data), DB6 is SCL (Serial clock).
6VSSPower Supply0V.
7VDDPower Supply2.7V to 5.5V.
10CAP1PPower SupplyFor voltage booster circuit (VDD-VSS).
External capacitor about 0.1u ~ 4.7uF.
12VOUTPower SupplyDC/DC voltage converter. Connect a capacitor between this terminal and VIN when the built-in booster is used.
1.What is Character or alphanumeric LCDs ?
Character or alphanumeric LCDs: Character displays allow the customer to easily interface with their product. They contain a built in controller/driver combination that displays letters, number and punctuation marks.These displays are available in many standard configurations such as 8x1, 16x2, 20x2, 40x4 and many others.
2.How to minimize the performance degradation of the LCD modules resulting from destruction caused by static electricity ?
Please exercise care to avoid holding the following sections when handling the modules.
- Exposed area of the printed circuit board.
- Terminal electrode sections.
3.What is your monthly production capacity ?
Answer: Our monthly production capacity is about one million pieces modules.
4.What are the storage Precautions for character LCD panels?
In case of storing for a long period of time for the purpose of replacement use, the following ways are recommended.
(1) Storage in a polyethylene bag with the opening sealed so as not to enter fresh air outside in it, and with no desiccant.
(2) Placing in a dark place where neither exposure to direct sunlight nor light is, keeping temperature in the range from -30°C to 80°C
(3) Storing with no touch on polarizer surface by anything else. (It is recommended to store them as they have been contained in the inner container at the time of delivery from us.)Character COG Module factory